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openlypoly's Journal

Stories of struggling to move beyond the closet.

Openly Poly
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Stories of struggling to move beyond the closet.
This is a community form for Openly Poly.

In a world that strongly privileges monogamy, choosing to live as openly polyamorous requires the courage to face constant curiosity and criticism from friends, family, and strangers alike. As we conduct our lives, we know we are not living openly unless we have taken the harrowing step of coming out. This site collects stories of people who have taken that step. These are stories of people who have found amazing support where they least expected it, and of people who have been told never again to enter the house of a loved one; of people who have found new community and of people who were told to find new friends.

As I’ve sat and talked with many poly people in the past few years there is always a recurrent conversation “Have you come out to your family?” “Do your other friends know?” As a community we seem to be at a place where many of us have accepted our identities, have partnerships that make us overjoyed, even have many poly friends, and yet… there are many people, people who mean a lot to us, who we are just not willing to tell. Thus, this site is intended to be a resource for people struggling with coming out and with acceptance through the stories, many ongoing, of people who struggle with the same things.

Do you have a story, in print, in pictures, in video, in text adventure, or some other form you’d like to share? Do you have a resource that has helped you? Do you have an awesome new idea around the theme of coming out? Please post about it!

The LJ feed is here: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/openly_poly/